EU CARMAKER CLOSURES 20/03: Volvo closes more sites; Jaguar Land Rover UK suspends ops

Automotive manufacturers in Europe have announced production suspensions at sites across the continent caused by supply chain issues and problems created by the measures taken by governments to restrict the spread of the 2019-nCoV coronavirus pandemic.

Jaguar Land Rover UK
Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) will suspend production at its manufacturing facilities in the United Kingdom from today owing to growing pressure to contain the spread of 2019-CoV, British automaker said in a press release on Friday March 20.
The subsidiary of India's Tata Motors anticipates that UK operations, which will halt gradually from today, will stop until April 20 in line with the UK governmental directives to help curtail the spread of the virus.

The decision comes after JLR announced on...


Carrie Bone

Amy Hinton

March 20, 2020

17:26 GMT