POLAND REBAR: Prices increase as zloty loses value against euro

Rebar prices in Poland have started to increase despite flat scrap values because the Polish zloty has lost ground against the euro, sources told Fastmarkets on Friday March 20.

Trading in the Polish rebar markets was relatively active this week. Distributors and prefabricators were building up stocks to secure rebar availability in the event of production disruptions related to the 2019-nCoV coronavirus pandemic.
“Demand is good but it is only due to the threat of an economic lockdown,” one trader said. “Distributors want to secure material for stock in case we have transportation problems and mill stoppages such as in Italy and the rest of the EU.”
Demand from the construction sector, the main rebar consumer, was also good this week, with companies not experiencing any logistics problems inside the country, sources said.

“There are no problems with internal logistics yet, only with external deliveries [exports and imports] due to the more complicated border-crossing procedures,” a second...


Julia Bolotova

March 20, 2020

15:08 GMT