AT A GLANCE: Dillinger, Saarstahl post pre-tax loss, warn of challenging year

German steelmakers Saarstahl and Dillinger - both part of Stahl Holding Saar (SHS) holdings - reported a big decline in their respective full-year earnings for 2019 due to tough market conditions hampering demand for steel products, the company said on Tuesday, March 24

In brief

Saarstahl recorded a sharp drop of pre-tax earnings in 2019 due to a downturn in steel demand, persistent global overcapacity and a sustained high level of steel imports despite safeguard measures being in force. The steelmaker warned of a challenging year ahead with the coronavirus pandemic clouding outlook. “The associated negative effects on the economy as a whole and on our companies are currently difficult to predict, but...


Carrie Bone

Julia Bolotova

March 24, 2020

14:50 GMT

London, Dnepr