Metalliage appeals against forced FeTi shutdown

Canada-based ferro-titanium producer Metalliage is urging local authorities to allow the company to return to production, arguing the alloy maker provides an essential service, after the provincial government of Quebec ordered non-essential services to shutdown for three weeks effective midnight March 24.

The move follows international efforts to limit the spread and impact of the coronavirus (2019-nCoV) pandemic, with many countries now issuing directives for non-essential services to be shut for a given period.
"With regards to the closure, on Monday, the government of Quebec sent a directive to all non-essential services to shutdown - except for remote activities -from midnight Tuesday until April 13," chief executive Mohammad Rahbary said in an emailed response to Fastmarkets.

"On our side, we're trying to convince the government...


Declan Conway

March 26, 2020

11:45 GMT