Q2 MJP aluminium premium settles 1.2% lower at $82/t

The benchmark for the supply of aluminium to main Japanese ports (MJP) in the second quarter of 2020 has settled at a premium of $82 per tonne cif over the London Metal Exchange cash price.

The settlement represents a 1.2% drop or $1 per tonne lower from the first-quarter benchmark of $83 per tonne, which was set at the end of December.
Compared to last year, however, the second-quarter aluminium P1020A (MJP) quarterly premium, cif Japan fell 21.9% year on year from $105 per tonne in the second-quarter MJP premium 2019.

Deals for a total of 47,000 tonnes between three major producers and several traders for April to June delivery were directly reported...


Karen Ng

April 03, 2020

14:20 GMT