INTERVIEW: Deshnee Naidoo on her path to becoming CEO of Vedanta Zinc International

The passionate Deshnee Naidoo tells Fastmarkets about the opportunities she took along her path to becoming chief executive officer of Vedanta Zinc International.

Mining was not the obvious choice of profession that an Indian woman from a township in Durban, South Africa would have been expected to pursue in the 1990s. But it is the path opted for by Deshnee Naidoo, CEO of Vedanta Zinc International (VZI), whether unconventional at the time or not.
Naidoo had initially planned to study medicine, but after a long conversation with her father about what that entailed, her passion for mathematics and science made her switch to chemical engineering. “I applied for a bursary at Johannesburg Consolidated Investment Co Ltd (JCI), which became an Anglo American Platinum bursary after the company’s sale, and that is what started my journey into mining,” she told Metal Market Magazine.

The youngest of three children, Naidoo had grown up in a low-to-medium income household, with her parents prioritizing education above all else. The family lived in a modest, council township...


Andrea Hotter

April 06, 2020

06:00 GMT

New York