Rusal shifts sales focus to 'essential goods' amid automotive order cancellations

Aluminium producer UC Rusal is continuing to diversify its sales portfolio, including more products for the medical and pharmaceutical industry, at a time of unsustainable market conditions among its traditional end consumers.

Rusal is the world's second-biggest aluminium producer and produced 3.75 million tonnes of aluminium in 2019 - 5.8% of global aluminium supply.
“While the situation remains difficult, we are flexible enough to diversify our sales portfolio and ensure the sales of all manufactured goods,” Rusal’s press office told Fastmarkets on Thursday April 16.
“Rusal continues to perform the obligations it has for the customers - we do support them in such difficult times and provide more services and optionality when required.”
The producer has seen an uptake in value-added product demand in the medical industry while the automotive industry is at a standstill during the Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak.

Weak demand for value-added products due to the virus has led to order cancellations and oversupply. As a result, premiums for value-added products continue to be under pressure. Rusal told Fastmarkets it...


Alice Mason

April 16, 2020

13:36 GMT