EU CARMAKER CLOSURES 22/04: Nissan to restart EU operations, SEAT to start one shift

Japanese carmaker Nissan will restart its operations in the UK later this week, conducting pilot activity before moving to restore full production at an unspecified future date, while its European plants will restart from April 27, the company announced on Wednesday April 22.

As a result of worldwide shutdown measures to combat the Covid-19 pandemic, Nissan’s vehicle production operations have been suspended in Spain since March 13, in the UK since March 17 and in Russia since March 30.
The company now plans to restart a degree of market activity despite “very limited visibility on future market conditions.”
It will implement new safety protocols at its plant at Sunderland in the UK, with pilot activity to begin this week involving the powertrain team, which will initially involve an estimated 50 people.
Subsequent reviews and feedback from this will inform return-to-work protocols for the rest of the factory in the coming weeks. But no date has been set for the resumption of vehicle production.

Meanwhile, vehicle production will restart on May 4 at the carmaker’s operations in Barcelona, Spain, with pickups...


Carrie Bone

Amy Hinton

April 22, 2020

17:20 GMT