Alcoa to fully curtail Intalco smelter by August

Alcoa Corp will curtail the remaining 230,000 tonnes of aluminium capacity at its Intalco smelter in the US state of Washington by August due to challenging market conditions, bringing the producer’s total curtailed smelting capacity to 880,000 tonnes.

“Today, we are announcing an action connected to our portfolio review: the curtailment of the remaining capacity at our Intalco smelter in Washington state,” Alcoa president and chief executive officer Roy Harvey said in a call with investors on Wednesday April 22.

“While our employees have worked tirelessly to improve the facility, the smelter faces significant cost challenges that have only been exacerbated by these poor market conditions. In the first quarter of 2020, Intalco lost $24 million. And aluminium prices have...


Michael Roh

April 23, 2020

05:42 GMT

New York