VIETNAM SCRAP: Buyers maintain focus on Japanese cargoes

Vietnamese buyers continued to focus on Japanese scrap imports this week, and eschewed deep-sea bulk cargoes due to their high offers.

Transactions involving individual shipments comprising 8,000-15,000 tonnes of Japanese H2 scrap were concluded at $234-235 per tonne cfr Vietnam.
Bids for such cargoes were made at $230 per tonne cfr Vietnam, while offers were at $234-245 per tonne cfr Vietnam.
Fastmarkets’ weekly price assessment for steel scrap H2, Japan-origin import, cfr Vietnam was $234-235 per tonne cfr on Friday April 24, up by $6-7 per tonne from a week earlier.

Negotiations in northern Vietnam were about $5 per tonne higher than those in southern Vietnam....


Paul Lim

April 24, 2020

10:45 GMT