INDIA LOCKDOWN: Shipping ministry extends order to ensure waivers on detention charges

India’s ministry of shipping has revised its order that various shipping-related charges should be waived at all major ports where material is stranded, until the end of the lockdown period in the country, it announced earlier this week.

The order, issued on Tuesday April 21, called for all penalty charges, demurrages, and detention and anchorage charges, among others, to be cancelled at all major ports until May 3, when the lockdown to combat the Covid-19 pandemic in the country was scheduled to end.
The order was to be implemented with immediate effect.
The document explained that participants in the logistics chain - which includes traders, importers, exporters, shipping lines and transporters - were facing huge challenges to keep their businesses going, due to the lower trade volumes and the resulting cashflow issues. Relief measures were therefore necessary to support and rebuild the logistics chain.

Following the national lockdown, imposed on March 25, huge amounts of material has been stranded at ports because there were no drivers or trucks, with internal migrant...


Carrie Bone

April 24, 2020

18:45 GMT