Italian steel industry prepares for gradual restart from May 4

The Italian steel industry is preparing for a gradual restart from May 4, following a government announcement over the past weekend about the country’s emergence from lockdown, Fastmarkets heard on Monday April 27.

On April 26, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte presented a plan to ease the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions in Italy starting on May 4.
The steel industry and the construction sector, which is one of the key steel consuming industries, expect to be allowed to begin a gradual restart from the beginning of next week.
“Starting from May 4, it will be possible to resume manufacturing, construction, real estate brokerage and wholesale trade,” Conte said.

“For these categories, starting from April 27, it will be possible to proceed with all the preparatory operations for reopening, such as sanitization of environments for the safety of workers,” he added. “The reopening will be allowed on condition that...


Julia Bolotova

April 27, 2020

12:30 GMT