MSC resumes tin production after pandemic pause

Malaysia Smelting Corp (MSC), the world’s second-largest tin exporter, has resumed production following a hiatus related to the Covid-19 pandemic, the company told Fastmarkets.

“At the moment, MSC has commenced its smelting and mining activities and is operating at approximately 50% capacity,” company spokeswoman Mei-Lynn Keow said.
MSC had been under a Malaysian government lockdown that began on March 18 and was then extended to May 12, with exceptions.
“The group is working to ramp up production activities and targets to resume back to the previous 100% level over the next two weeks,” Keow added.

MSC was the world’s third-biggest producer of refined tin last year,...


Orla O'Sullivan

April 29, 2020

20:04 GMT

New York