Specialty metal powder producer Kymera furloughs employees over Covid-19

Kymera International, a global manufacturer of specialty metal powders, has furloughed an unspecified number of employees for an indeterminate time at various plants worldwide because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the North Carolina, United States-headquartered firm said.

“The actions have been undertaken at the company’s Acupowder plant in Union [in the US state of New Jersey], as well as certain other plants,” Kymera chief executive officer Barton White told Fastmarkets this week.
“Employees have been furloughed intermittently, meaning they still have jobs but can apply for unemployment,” he said. “These actions are not intended to be long term in nature.”
In addition, a company spokesperson told Fastmarkets that “other plants in the Kymera family have implemented furloughs, but several still continue at full production and staffing”.

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Orla O'Sullivan

May 13, 2020

15:57 GMT

New York