EU CARMAKER CLOSURES 13/05: Ford production resumes at all EU, UK sites

Car manufacturer Ford has announced that it intends to restart initial production at two plants in the UK and one in Valencia, Spain, from May 18, which will complete the restart of all its European units, it said on Wednesday May 13.

The UK production sites at Dagenham and Bridgend will restart from May 18, as will the Valencia Engine Plant. These will be the last of the Ford sites to restart, with others functioning from May 4 in Germany, Spain and Romania.
A limited number of employees have continued to work in the UK over recent weeks to ensure the continuing provision of critical services, the company said. These activities continued to build progressively toward more normal business levels.

Employees will face new health and safety procedures on their return to work, which will include the wearing of face masks and shields, temperature...


Carrie Bone

Amy Hinton

May 13, 2020

19:12 GMT