HOTTER ON METALS: Looking for LUV in the time of Covid-19

How long it will take the global economy to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic is anyone’s guess right now.

Could the world’s major economic regions be in for an "LUV" recovery similar to the one they saw after the global financial crisis of 2008-09?
That was the format of recovery that was expected in 2009 by former Rio Tinto chief executive officer Tom Albanese, who was at the helm of the mining giant at the time.
“Everyone was second-guessing,” he told Fastmarkets in a recent webinar interview. “You heard the terms ‘green shoots’, ‘V-shaped,’ ‘U-shaped,’ ‘L-shaped’ recovery, and then how long would it take – would it take two years, five years? Even, would the economy ever recover? Because some people were saying it would never recover.”

So when he was asked his view of a future recovery on February 14, 2009, also known...


Andrea Hotter

May 18, 2020

18:10 GMT

New York