GLOBAL ALUMINIUM WRAP: MJP spot premium up; rest of global premiums stable

Asian spot aluminium premiums divert, with the MJP market edging up on higher deals amid China’s open arbitrage window while the Southeast Asian market went down on lower offers from buyers, yet elsewhere, premiums were stable in a quiet market.

  • Asian aluminium market active with MJP premium up but SEA down.
  • European premiums steady amid low liquidity.
  • United States premium holds despite vehicle production starts.
  • Brazilian premiums unchanged in static market.
MJP premium up on higher priced trade; South Korea premium declines on buyers’ insistence
In Asia this week, the spot aluminium premium in Japan was up due to higher priced trade and a strong contango while in South Korea, sellers lowering their offers to buyers’ strong bids helped overcome the standoff from last week, sources said.
In Japan, Fastmarkets assessed the aluminium P1020A main Japanese ports (MJP) spot premium, cif Japan at $75-85 per tonne on Tuesday May 19, up by $5 per tonne from last week.
One deal was heard concluded at a MJP premium of $83 per tonne for tonnage below 1,000 tonnes, market participants said.

Based on that deal and the recently opened arbitrage window...


Alice Mason

Karen Ng

Hui Li

Renato Rostás

Michael Roh

May 20, 2020

10:55 GMT

Shanghai, Singapore, New York, London, Sao Paulo