European FeCr markets increase amid increased spot buying [CORRECTED]

The high-carbon and low-carbon ferro-markets in Europe increased in price last week, while industry sources reported around 900 tonnes of done deals in the former and about half of that for more refined-grade material.

The high-carbon ferro-chrome price spread narrowed to $0.12 per lb after deals were reported that raised the lower end of the assessment.
Deals for around 900 tonnes were reported and included in the latest assessed price range. The low-carbon ferro-chrome price performed similarly, with the spread narrowing to $0.14 per lb in reported deals.
Recent production cuts in ferro-chrome are expected to be the main influence on prices in the coming weeks and months while countries around Europe begin to ease the lockdown restrictions imposed to combat the spread of the Covid-19 virus. Demand from steelmakers, meanwhile, is only expected to return slowly in the very near term, sources told Fastmarkets.

“China's [heavy industry] is doing OK and has the potential to absorb a lot of volumes,” one European supplier said. “Hopefully, we will see [heavy industry in] Europe and the United States coming back soon, and then...


Declan Conway

May 20, 2020

11:22 GMT