JAPAN SCRAP: H2 prices supported by Vietnam deals; high-grade premiums ease

Prices for H2-grade heavy steel scrap remained stable in Japan over the past week after several deals were booked to Vietnam, market sources told Fastmarkets on Wednesday May 20.

Deals for H2 material were heard at ¥23,000 ($214) per tonne fob to Vietnam in recent days, equivalent to $248 per tonne cfr South Vietnam and $253-255 per tonne cfr North Vietnam, Fastmarkets heard.
The Japanese deals came after South Vietnam booked deep-sea bulk cargoes from the US West Coast and Australia within the past week at $255-260 per tonne cfr.

But offers to other destinations were heard at lower prices this week, with offers for H2 heard at ¥22,500-23,000 per tonne fob to Taiwan,...


Lee Allen

May 20, 2020

15:05 GMT