COKING COAL DAILY: Seaborne premium prices slump after emergence of lower-priced deals

Premium hard coking coal prices slumped after lower transaction prices emerged on Friday May 29, amid concerns that quota restrictions in China will be tightened.

Fastmarkets indices
Premium hard coking coal, fob DBCT: $109.59 per tonne, down $2.64 per tonne 
Premium hard coking coal, cfr Jingtang: $116.45 per tonne, down $3.32 per tonne
Hard coking coal, fob DBCT: $90.56 per tonne, up $0.17 per tonne
Hard coking coal, cfr Jingtang: $99.12 per tonne, down $0.26 per tonne

A July-laycan Panamax vessel of premium low-volatility hard coking coal was heard traded at...


Li Min

May 29, 2020

13:26 GMT