WEEKLY SCRAP WRAP: Demand in global markets up as Covid-19 restrictions ease

The Turkish steel producers resumed their deep-sea scrap purchases after the post-Ramadan holiday break with prices going up, while demand in Asia was also firm during the working week ended Friday May 29.

  • Turkish steel mills booked six deep-sea cargoes at higher prices
  • US exporters are working to fill sales from both West and East Coasts
  • Import scrap prices in Vietnam rise, outlook unclear
  • Tight supply pushes up prices in Taiwan
  • Demand in India recovers as Covid-19 restrictions ease.

The steel producers in Turkey resumed their scrap purchases this week, with the Covid-19 restrictions being eased in the country.

The whole country was under lockdown to prevent the further spread of the Covid-19 virus during the Eid...


Lisa Gordon

Cem Turken

Lee Allen

Paul Lim

Carrie Bone

May 29, 2020

19:42 GMT

Singapore, London, Mugla, Pittsburgh