Chinese alumina sellers bullish on news of new smelter capacity in June-July

The China alumina market firmed this week on higher offers from sellers who expect increased demand from new aluminium projects.

Fastmarkets’ weekly price assessment for alumina metallurgical grade, ddp China was 2,200-2,250 yuan ($309-314) per tonne on Thursday June 4, narrowing upward by 50 yuan from 2,150-2,250 yuan per tonne a week earlier.
The price had widened last week from 2,180-2,200 yuan per tonne, where it had resided since May 7.

Sources reported spot offers as high as 2,260-2,270 yuan per tonne this week with small quantities sold at this level, but this was not considered representative of the mainstream...


Hui Li

June 05, 2020

12:05 GMT