Union pushes authorities for First Quantum Cobre Panamá reopening

The main workers’ union representing employees of Cobre Panamá, Utramipa, is pressuring Panamanian authorities to reopen the largest copper mine in Central America as soon as possible due to the suspension of labor contracts in late April, Fastmarkets heard.

“We demand an immediate reopening of the mine,” a union announcement read on Sunday June 7. “We have already had four fortnights without pay.”
Metallic miners such as Cobre Panamá, owned by Canada-based First Quantum Minerals, are among the last businesses that will be authorized to resume operations from the quarantines enforced to prevent the Covid-19 spread in Panama, Fastmarkets understands and there is no set schedule for that to happen, however.

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Renato Rostás

June 08, 2020

17:16 GMT

São Paulo