NEWSBREAK: New MJP Q3 deals done at $60/t, $68/t

A deal for third-quarter aluminium ingot supply to Japan has been concluded at a premium of $60 per tonne cif main Japanese ports (MJP), sources told Fastmarkets on Friday June 12 - a drop of 29.4% from a deal done last week.

The deal was for 1,500 tonnes, with 500 tonnes to be supplied in each month of the quarter to a Japanese trading house.
Another deal also concluded on Friday at $68 per tonne – also for 500 tonnes per month – sold by a different trader to another Japanese trading house.
This follows a deal concluded at the same level of $68 per tonne on Thursday.

Deals concluded for the third-quarter benchmark are in a wide spread, with a deal at $85...


Alice Mason

Karen Ng

June 12, 2020

10:05 GMT

Singapore, London