HOTTER ON METALS: Section 232 and the Canadian aluminium 'surge' [UPDATE]

Just over a year ago, US Section 232 tariffs against imports of aluminium from Canada were removed. Now there are calls to reintroduce them.

The American Primary Aluminum Association (APAA), which represents US producers Century Aluminum and Magnitude 7, says that Canadian imports have “surged” since the tariffs were removed and are threatening the viability of the US primary aluminium industry.
In a letter to US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer, the APAA blamed an increase in Canadian imports for the collapse in aluminium prices and noted that the Covid-19 pandemic had demonstrated how essential the metal is to the US economy.
“If US smelters continue to shutter, the United States will only become more dependent on offshore supply. While Canadian producers want the windfall of avoiding Section 232 duties, the Canadian surge is destroying what remains of the US industry,” the letter, signed by APAA chief executive Mark Duffy, said.

“This situation will increase supply chain vulnerability at the very time the United States is seeking to preserve a threshold level of production at...


Andrea Hotter

June 17, 2020

15:13 GMT

New York