European Aluminium calls for action on subsidized production

European Aluminium has called on the European Commission (EC) to address the distorting effects of foreign subsidies in the European Union (EU) single market and said the region’s aluminium industry is buckling under the pressure of subsidized excess capacity from China.

The EC can help create a level playing field for the industry in Europe and must rapidly translate the ambitions of its recently proposed white paper on foreign subsidies into effective measures, the Brussels-based aluminium industry organization noted.

“The EU’s current trade toolbox is far from adequate to defend European industries against the aggressive approach of global powers such as China,” European Aluminium director general Gerd Götz said. “The EU needs a more ambitious trade policy to level the global playing field, facilitate supply chain diversification within the EU, and reinforce our defense...


Andrea Hotter

June 17, 2020

16:33 GMT

New York