HOTTER ON METALS: Section 232 - The Revenge

The threat of Section 232 tariffs on aluminium imports from Canada into the United States has, like the great white shark following the Brody family in the universally panned film, ‘Jaws: The Revenge,’ returned - akin to a truly awful horror movie franchise.

And that’s how Neil Herrington, senior vice president for the Americas, US Chamber of Commerce, views reports that the US administration is considering re-imposing tariffs on aluminum imports from Canada.
"Bringing back these tariffs would be like a bad horror movie. Most of the US aluminum sector opposes them, and they'll hurt American manufacturers who use aluminium as an input,” Herrington said.
“Canada will surely retaliate against US exports. This is the wrong way to mark the entry-into-force of the new North American free-trade agreement on July 1,” he added, referring to the US-Mexico-Canada trade agreement.
According to people familiar with the matter, though, Canada was given until Friday June 26 either to cap or decrease its exports to the United States - or a recommendation would be made to the US government to reintroduce tariffs.
As expected, the Canadian government summarily dismissed the option of caps or quotas.



Andrea Hotter

June 24, 2020

17:30 GMT

New York