En+ Group working on technology to change the aluminium smelting process

En+ Group is working to develop technology that will fundamentally change the aluminium smelting process with the goal of further reducing emissions and potentially becoming carbon negative, the company’s chairman said in a digital interview with Fastmarkets.

According to Lord Gregory Barker, the move is part of a drive to not just produce aluminium using clean energy sources but to find innovative ways to use technology as part of the climate change solution.
“Energy is very much part of the solution, taking coal and fossil fuel out of the equation. But it’s not the end game,” he said.
“If we really want to get to net zero, we’ve got to go beyond low carbon…We are working on technology that will fundamentally change the smelting process which itself gives off carbon emissions,” he told Fastmarkets this week.
“We’ve been working for a number of years now on inert anode technology that will allow us potentially to get to net zero [carbon] in the production of aluminium, and even make it into a carbon negative process,” he added.

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Andrea Hotter

June 26, 2020

18:08 GMT

New York