Nornickel to spend $193m on safety, audit Arctic melting

The day before the Arctic Circle recorded seemingly its highest temperature ever, Nornickel said it would investigate the effects of ground possibly melting under its facilities there. More than half of the metal giant’s mining resources are in its Polar Division.

The Russian government will partake in the audit, the Moscow-based company said in recent online updates following a huge melting-related oil leak at an Arctic subsidiary. Nornickel will spend 13.5 billion roubles ($193 million) on safety improvements, it said. The company had not been doing any monitoring of melting ground, it emerged in a June 9 teleconference, following the May 29 incident. On a section of Nornickel’s website now dedicated to the spill, a June...


Orla O'Sullivan

June 29, 2020

05:45 GMT

New York