EU toughens existing safeguard measures in second review

The European Commission (EC) has toughened the existing safeguard measures on imports of steel products in the second review of the matter, it said on Tuesday June 30.

The reviewed measures will come into force from July 1, 2020, and will remain in place for one year.
The EC introduced two general adjustments to the quota system, intended to guarantee an orderly return to the market of all suppliers, both domestic industry and exporters, and to minimize undue opportunistic conduct.
The first was a move to quarterly, country-specific quotas instead of yearly quotas, to ensure a more stable flow of imports and to minimize the risk of any undue surge in imports during the remaining duration of the measures.
The second adjustment “is to introduce a refined regime for access to the residual quota [for] countries benefiting from country-specific quotas. This adjustment will ring-fence, where appropriate, the use of the residual quota for the incumbent smaller exporting countries falling within this global section of the quotas,” the EC said.
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Maria Tanatar

June 30, 2020

12:57 GMT