COPPER CONCS SNAPSHOT: TC/RCs steady with focus on Chile mine supply concerns

The spot market remained subdued this week but buyers are picking up copper concentrates at low levels while the Chilean coronavirus situation remains precarious, sources said on Friday July 3.

Fastmarkets’ benchmark copper concentrate treatment and refining charge (TC/RC) index stood at $46.60 per tonne/4.66 cents per lb on Friday July 3, largely flat from 46.80 per tonne/4.68 cents per lb a week earlier.
Smelters are well covered for nearby months but are indicating the low-to-mid $50s/5cents as a buying level while miners are selling tonnages from the mid-$30s to low $40s. 

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Anna Xu

Archie Hunter

Julian Luk

July 03, 2020

16:25 GMT