Codelco suspends El Teniente copper mine expansion to combat Covid-19

Codelco had demobilized staff and suspended construction at its El Teniente project in Chile to contain the rapidly spreading Covid-19 virus in the region, the company said on Saturday July 4.

Some 4,500 workers at the mine are under “transitory demobilization” with the rest of the workforce working on a shift schedule of 14-day on and 14-day off, Codelco said.
Chuquicamata is also functioning under a different work shift every seven days, as approved by unions on July 3.

Except for mining at Chuquicamata, smelting operations have been closed since late June and the closure might continue for two weeks. The exact duration of the closure will “depend on the number of [Covid-19] cases found,” with tests...


Anna Xu

Renato Rostás

July 06, 2020

14:40 GMT