INTERVIEW: China unlikely to dominate aluminium production growth in next 20 years, IAI says

China is unlikely to dominate production growth in the aluminium market in the next two decades in the same way it has over the past 20 years, according to the secretary general of the International Aluminium Institute (IAI).

There are several reasons for this, including a move by the Chinese government to shift the focus to high-value aluminium products and cap smelting capacity at around current levels, along with a drive by Beijing to improve the country’s environmental standards, Miles Prosser said.
“We’ve almost had the luxury in the last 20 years of never having to worry about where the increase in production was going to come from, because China was doing so much investing. If we look at the next 20 years, it might be a bigger question for us – where does the next big increase in production come from?” he told Fastmarkets in an interview.

“In some ways, that would be a nice situation to be in, to have the tension [related to overcapacity in China] going the other way. The next 20 years will not look like the last 20 years in terms...


Andrea Hotter

July 10, 2020

16:43 GMT

New York