INTERVIEW: Aluminium has key role in post-Covid-19 rebuild, IAI says

Aluminium has an opportunity to play a key role in the government-led rebuilding of economies following the Covid-19 pandemic, including in the drive to a low-carbon economy as well as developments in infrastructure, transportation and construction, the secretary general of the International Aluminium Institute (IAI) said.

Miles Prosser told Fastmarkets in an interview that this opportunity will nonetheless require the industry to be proactive, highlight the benefits of aluminium and meet changing consumer expectations.
“There’s a real opportunity that will come in the 18-24 months when governments start to turn to the recovery side of the Covid-19 equation and what might happen out of that. That’s the bit that keeps people feeling confident through what will be a very difficult period while we are still in lockdown and we are still seeing significant impacts on markets,” Prosser said.

“It’s both an opportunity and a challenge for ourselves and a whole range of industries – we can’t just sit back and expect to be handed that opportunity, we’ve got to go out there and meet people’s expectations. If they want more information...


Andrea Hotter

July 10, 2020

18:00 GMT

New York