INTERVIEW: Commercial impetus for green aluminium still nascent, IAI says

A vast amount of investment will be required to achieve meaningful change in the carbon footprint of aluminium across a broad portion of the industry, and the commercial impetus is not there yet, according to the secretary general of the International Aluminium Institute (IAI).

Nonetheless, the industry needs to meet the challenge of changing consumer expectations and work together to collectively meet its goals. 
“It’s only a portion of the market which is really emphasizing green aluminium at the moment and it’s probably not a significant enough part of the market to really drive fundamental change. We think to get the sort of changes that are being described takes billions if not trillions of dollars’ worth of investment,” he told Fastmarkets during an interview. 
“That’s the real challenge that is there, and we’re not seeing enough of a commercial force yet that’s really going to help drive those sorts of investments,” he said. 

“We have to continue to keep up with people’s environmental expectations on a product, and we need as an industry to meet their expectations, not divide into different parts of the industry and...


Andrea Hotter

July 10, 2020

18:14 GMT

New York