ALUMINIUM FOUNDRY WRAP: US premium ticks up, but spot trades lacking

The US primary foundry alloy premium inched up on Friday July 10 even as spot activity remained muted, supported by improving sentiment as automotive supply chains in the US normalize. Premiums in Europe were unchanged.

US premium rises, but market quiet
Fastmarkets assessed the aluminium wheel alloy silicon 7 ingot/T-bar premium, dlvd dup over P1020A Midwest US at 6-9 cents per lb on July 10, up from 5.5-8.5 cents per lb, where it had been since April 9.
The premium was at 6-9 cents per lb from February 14 to April 8. It started the year at 7-10 cents per lb.

Although spot activity remains limited, sources told Fastmarkets that demand from wheel manufacturers is gradually recovering. Automakers have restarted their plants following...


Justin Yang

Michael Roh

July 10, 2020

19:36 GMT

New York, London