US ferrous scrap exports climb by more than 17% in May vs April

Ferrous scrap exports from the United States rebounded by 17.6% month on month in May due to increased shipments to Turkey and Bangladesh, according to the latest figures from the US Census Bureau.

US exports of ferrous scrap totaled 1,399,638 tonnes in May, up from 1,190,118 tonnes in April but down slightly from 1,409,989 tonnes in March.  The month-on-month rise was driven by a more than doubling in shipments to Bangladesh during the month, to 274,640 tonnes from 104,472 tonnes in April. Shipments to Turkey, the largest buyer of US ferrous scrap, rose by 21% month on month to 297,816 tonnes in May from 246,034 tonnes...


Sean Barry

July 15, 2020

22:08 GMT

New York