Nornickel starts environmental work amid Rusal’s calls for new management

Russian multi-metal miner Nornickel’s newly-established environmental working group has begun work to tackle the significant fallout from a series of recent ecological disasters, the company said on Thursday July 16.

The working group, which comprises independent members of Nornickel’s board of directors, said that it intends to solve the serious environmental issues facing the company after suffering three Arctic spillages.
The company is facing significant public backlash over its ecological practices, having had three polluting incidents over a six-week period between May 29 and July 12 this year.
Nornickel reported the first of two oil spills on May 29 at its Norilsk-Taymyr energy operations. Another at subsidiary Norilsk-Transgaz’s site in Krasnoyarsk followed shortly after on July 12.



Amy Hinton

July 16, 2020

10:42 GMT