China spot indium, germanium prices yet to benefit from Yunnan government stockpiling vol release

Chinese domestic spot prices of both indium and germanium have yet to yield any gains after the provincial government of Yunnan announced further details on the commercial stockpiling of several non-ferrous metals, which in theory could lend some support to these metals, Fastmarkets understands.

In the latest announcement, Yunnan's provincial government unveiled the exact volumes for the commercial stockpiling of some non-ferrous metals: 110,000 tonnes of copper cathodes, 70,000 tonnes of lead ingots, 240,000 tonnes of zinc ingots, 340,000 tonnes of aluminium ingots for remelting, 40,000 tonnes of tin ingots, 20 tonnes of germanium ingots, 1,500 tonnes of titanium and titanium alloy ingots and 50 tonnes of indium ingots.
This follows the government's announcement in late April that it plans to call for leading enterprises to stockpile some non-ferrous metals as part of efforts to support the development of the real economy and to buoy market confidence.
Market participants in the indium and germanium sectors that spoke to Fastmarkets reacted differently to the latest announcement from the Yunnan government.
Germanium might gain some support later



Amy Lv

July 17, 2020

17:10 GMT