Cobalt tetroxide price rally outpaces that of sulfate; raw material supply tightness persists

Spot prices for cobalt tetroxide and sulfate in China continue to be underpinned by tight supply of raw materials, but the rally in prices for the former is outpacing that of the latter due to comparatively better demand.

Cobalt producers have attempted to raise their offer prices or have held back from sales since the start of July when they found it increasingly difficult to secure spot market supplies of cobalt hydroxide, the key raw material for produce cobalt salts, with feedstock suppliers either warning of limited spot availability or shying away from offering due to low benchmark metal prices.

Fastmarkets' cobalt hydroxide payable indicator, min 30% Co, cif China - the percentage payable of Fastmarkets’ standard-grade cobalt price (low end) - rose to 70-71.5% on July...


Susan Zou

July 24, 2020

03:40 GMT