Low-carbon aluminium VAPs can achieve a premium, Rusal says

Low-carbon and sustainable aluminium is a game changer in the post-Covid-19 world with value-added products already achieving an upcharge, Roman Andryushin, sales and marketing director for Rusal, told Fastmarkets on Tuesday July 28.

Andryushin described low-carbon aluminium and sustainability as “a racing driver of any new sales,” in an interview with Fastmarkets on Tuesday.
“For a lot of new orders now, customers are specifying not only that they want high purity tier 1 material but they also they want low-carbon material. That’s a new feature the market wants after Covid-19,” Andryushin added.
Rusal is the world’s largest low-carbon aluminium producer. Its Allow brand creates less than 4 tonnes of carbon dioxide per tonne of aluminium produced, in terms of both direct and indirect smelter emissions.
There has been a debate within the aluminium industry as to whether low-carbon material can achieve an upcharge in the market yet, with some consumers previously unwilling to pay more.
But there is currently an upcharge available for low-carbon Rusal production, Andryushin told Fastmarkets.

“I achieved an upcharge today, a low-carbon upcharge for primary foundry...


Alice Mason

July 28, 2020

15:27 GMT