Section 232 tariffs would be a mistake as Canadian aluminium production, exports rebalance, AAC says

Exports of standard P1020 aluminium from Canada into the United States in July have declined as demand for value-added products (VAP) resumes and smelters rebalance their production, according to the Aluminium Association of Canada (AAC).

This makes the potential reintroduction of Section 232 tariffs by the US government not just unnecessary but also penalizing for North American manufacturers and consumers, the association said.
The AAC said that exports to the US of standard commodity ingot are expected to total 112,000 tonnes in July, down by 30% from 155,000 tonnes in June. Exports in May were 184,789 tonnes, the AAC noted.

“There is clearly no surge in Canadian aluminium production or exports, and now is the time for Canada and the United States to work closely together to maximize the...


Andrea Hotter

July 29, 2020

18:57 GMT

New York