Nornickel bows to PR pressure, while Q2 output rises

Two weeks after UC Rusal called for new Nornickel management and a relocation of its head office to Norilsk, Siberia - recently the center of three polluting events in six weeks - Nornickel has made several accommodations for its major shareholder.

Rusal owns 27.82% of Moscow-based Nornickel.
Having just announced multiple management changes, including the departure from public relations of a senior vice president, Nornickel said on Wednesday July 29 that Norilsk will now be its “center of gravity”.
The multi-metal miner fell short of relocating its headquarters but said that at this week’s company board meeting: “It was noted that the management board… would continue to spend substantial amounts of time in Norilsk, and Norilsk would be considered the ‘center of gravity’ until its environmental affairs could be regarded as world class.”

Meanwhile, Nornickel said in a separate announcement...


Orla O'Sullivan

July 30, 2020

07:48 GMT

New York