DOWNSTREAM DISPATCH: Metal Link’s nimble distribution model key to success during times of uncertainty, it says

Long-term uncertainty among consumers over end-user demand in Italy benefits downstream distribution network Metal Link who aims to serve consumer needs more quickly than producers who need consumers to have a clear order outlook for around 10 weeks.

In an interview with Fastmarkets this month, the aluminium products distribution network said the economic uncertainty caused by Covid-19 offers business opportunities.
The distribution network, formalized in 2019, consists of two separate Italian aluminium product distributors that serve downstream segments, Baratè and Alluminio Di Qualità. Alluminio’s holding company is commodity conglomerate Gruppo Cauvin, which also has exposure further upstream in aluminium through Italian trading house Cauvin Metals.
The two companies joined their sales teams in an “alliance” so the customers they serve have access to both companies’ product offerings, allowing both companies to be nimble when opportunities arise in the region, especially during a time when industrial activity has returned to Europe.
“We are quite a big distributor for the Italian market so having a big stock for ready delivery is very important for both Alluminio Di Qualità and Baratè,” Baratè sales manager Niccolò Rampini said.

“We have fast...


Justin Yang

July 30, 2020

18:05 GMT