Aluminium market reacts to renewed Section 232 duties vs Canada

Aluminium industry participants - many of which lobbied against Section 232 tariffs - respond to US President Donald Trump’s decision to reinstate the tariffs on imports of non-alloyed unwrought aluminium from Canada.

Michael Bless, chief executive officer of Century Aluminum Co and a strong supporter of the Section 232 tariffs, said that their reintroduction would continue to help drive the resurgence of aluminium production in the United States.
“As policymakers focus on shoring up our manufacturing base and enhancing supply chain resiliency, the president’s leadership helps to secure continued domestic production of this vital strategic material and level the playing field for thousands of American aluminium workers,” he said.
But many aluminium industry participants, ranging from trade associations and bodies to aluminium producers, criticized the tariffs for not addressing underlying issues affecting the sector, including overcapacity and manufacturing costs.

US producer Alcoa expressed disappointment at the move,...


Andrea Hotter

August 06, 2020

23:54 GMT

New York