INTERVIEW: Greatpower chief says trading background gives it edge

Greatpower Technology Co’s background in trading has made it more flexible in its operations and sensitive toward prices as a producer of nickel and cobalt, which will benefit it in the longer term, its president, Aaron Cao, said in a recent interview with Fastmarkets.

“Due to our trader origins, there were some obstacles when we initially transitioned to becoming a producer because downstream consumers inevitably doubted whether we had the technology and know-how to operate a smelter,” Cao told Fastmarkets last Friday August 7.
“But as time went by, these doubts disappeared,” he said.
“Instead, a few qualities of a trader, including being flexible in doing business and responding quickly to price trends, have contributed to our good operations as a producer.”
Greatpower was established in 2006 as a trading house, but it expanded into cobalt and nickel production in May 2018 after acquiring assets belonging to Zhejiang Galico Cobalt & Nickel Material, which used to produce cobalt and nickel salts, at a public auction in December 2016.

Before the Chinese company got involved in refining metals, it survived the volatile market, as some other traders did, by “making wise bets” on the price...


Susan Zou

August 13, 2020

08:02 GMT