WEBINAR: Incentives lay groundwork for long-term EV adoption beyond initial demand boost

Government incentives will help solidify a future shift to cleaner energy, in addition to buffering electric vehicles (EVs) from the trend of declining sales faced by the wider automotive sector during the Covid-19 pandemic, attendees heard during a Fastmarkets webinar this week.

“The question with incentives is always whether they just pull sales forward, and to some extent, we do feel like that is happening,” Al Bedwell, director at Global Powertrain, part of independent sector services provider LMC Automotive.
France and Germany hit new monthly battery electric vehicle (BEV) sales records this summer thanks to enhanced incentive packages from their respective governments, and Europe is the “epicenter” of EV sales growth this year, attendees heard.
“Germany and France highlight how much incentives in those countries have boosted demand,” William Adams, Fastmarkets’ head of battery raw materials research said.
But even if sales fall off once incentives come to an end, they help to embed EVs within society for the longer term.

“It helps to enhance the environment for BEVs in general. There are more on the road, it gives...


Charlotte Radford

August 21, 2020

01:32 GMT