US finished steel imports nearly double in July

Finished steel imports into the United States soared month on month in July due to a massive influx of blooms, billets and slabs from Brazil, according to data from the US Department of Commerce’s Enforcement and Compliance division.

The US imported 2,440,509 tonnes of steel products in July, up by 1,173,037 tonnes (92.5%) from 1,267,472 tonnes in June but down by 307,627 tonnes (11.2%) from 2,748,136 tonnes in July 2019, preliminary Census data shows.

The month-on-month surge was almost entirely driven by an influx of semi-finished goods from Brazil. Some 1,039,295 tonnes of blooms, billets and slabs arrived from that country in July, up from just 354.2 tonnes in...


Patrick Fitzgerald

August 27, 2020

22:04 GMT

New York