US A380.1 secondary aluminium alloy price approaches 14-month high

Secondary aluminium alloy prices in the United States rose to their highest level in months on Thursday September 3, including the benchmark price for A380.1 grade material. This strengthened to a near-14-month high, with producers raising their offers while demand strengthened and input costs squeezed margins.

Producers successfully tested higher offers across alloy grades this week, with demand continuing to strengthen in the market. “We remain busy and have had to turn some spot business down because our capacity is full for now,” one producer said. “In general,” a second producer said, “business is picking up and things are getting back to normal.” Fastmarkets assessed the price of aluminium alloy A380.1, delivered Midwest, at 72-74 cents per lb on September 3, up by 2.1% from 70-73 cents per lb in the previous week’s assessment. The price was now at its highest point since July 10, 2019. No offers were heard below 72 cents per lb, but several...


Michael Roh

September 04, 2020

22:03 GMT

New York