US stainless steel sheet prices follow surcharges higher

Stainless steel prices in the United States rose in tandem with higher surcharges, while sources reported customer demand levels that ranged from weak to steadily improving.

Fastmarkets’ price assessments for stainless steel 304 cold-rolled sheet, fob mill US and for stainless steel 304L cold-rolled sheet, fob mill US both rose by $3.50 per hundredweight to $121 per cwt and $123 per cwt respectively on Thursday September 10. The price for stainless steel 316L cold-rolled sheet, fob mill US rose by $5 per cwt to $157 per cwt, after remaining unchanged at $152 per cwt since June 10. These price changes closely tracked increases in surcharges for stainless sheet products. “The base price is stable. The only increase is the surcharge increase,” one midwestern service center source said. “September has...


Robert England

September 11, 2020

18:46 GMT

New York